In Memory of Terry Flatt & Alex Frick


In the early hours of Thursday 13th June 2013 Terry Flatt long time friend and saloon car race-driver passed away peacefully at The Princess Alice Hospice in Esher. Up until only a few months ago we were planning to start racing again, with the old Golf. Then the illness hit and Terrys condition worsened over a short time. Obviously this situation put an incredable strain on his wife Jackie and their family but they all pulled together and showed great strength to make Terrys final days as comfortable as possible. With a racing career starting in the Slick 50 saloons onto the Firestone Production Saloons, Super 200/Group N Touring Cars. My time with Terry started with the VW Cup when we entered the Gary James prepared Golf, enjoying several race wins over a couple of seasons. At the same time with the help of Alex Frick a VW Beetle was entered into the Britcar Endurance Championship and with Alex in a two driver format Terry had some great success. Terry loved his racing and always enjoyed chasing down more powerful competition, several great results were also achieved in the 24 hour events. Always calm, thoughtful and a wicked sense of humour he will be very sadly missed, a great driver, a great friend and a massive loss. On the 25th June 2017 we heard the terrible news that Alex Frick had passed away at his home in California; I like to think that the two of them will be tearing up the tracks of heaven for eternity using tyres that never wear out and only stopping for refreshment brakes; a great driver pairing, reunited now.

Britcar Pembury Ended in Disaster

It would have been about ten years ago now when our trip to Pembury Circuit in Wales saw our lovely VR6 Beetle virtually distroyed in a huge accident. No2 driver Alex Frick was forced to swerve to avoid another car braking very early for the hairpin and went onto the rough grassed area just after the pits, the front wheel dug in and then began a series of rolls, at least three and a lucky spectator captured most of it. The wreckage was so badly damaged we needed a fork lift and a tractor to get the car into the back of the truck. The Beetle took nearly a year to repair, Dean Carey at Grimshaw and Wake in Hampton rebuilt the shell and in an old barn near the Witterings, West Sussex myself and Alan Moore put all the bits back together.

The worst part was trying to contact driver Alex on the radio, but he could not have answered even if he wanted too. The radio left its mount and flew around the car, whilst Alex waited for the accident to stop and the medics to arrive. Once rebuilt and over a year later the car went to Brands Hatch for its first test in a Modified saloon event and Terry Flatt qualified the Beetle on the front row. During the race whilst challenging for the lead the car was hit from behind and taken out. The last I heard, the car was sold to a racer in the Middle East.

CRX 16i 16 Mark 1

I competed myself (with limited success) during the late ninties and into the new millenium, mainly on circuits in the south including my favourite Goodwood. Always able to rely on members of the old team Alan, Gary Honda Al and often Terry to crew for me, Tel w would advise on my lack of ability and how to get more speed. I ran out of talent long before the car did and as all in motorsport know your credit card eventually resembles the national debt of a small country. Although I did get some items of glassware and the odd 'pot' to compensate.


The Britcar Snetterton Six Hours 2013

Take a random group of mates, one 'rather used' Proton Coupe Cup car and insert three talented drivers then experience one of the most exciting days of your life when 'Team Take On Anyone' ends up on the podium. Managing that team on that day was a real privilege and reminiscing with the super film produced by Adrian Trent takes me back to an endurance event with a enthusiastic team that learnt fast during what seemed one of the hottest days ever, over 80 degrees throughout. During practice I was dragged into the stewards office and the team threatened with expulsion as we have dumped several gallons of petrol in the pit lane during fuel-stop/driver change practice. By the end of the day we were one of the fastest crews when it mattered even if as the images show I wasn't very rapid myself carrying about 5 stone too many at the time.

The team: Terry, George, Ben, Roger, Jim ,Andy ,Paul, Alan, Tom, Paula, Jake, Helen & Adrian behind the lens. Gary GJ Racing & yours truly. Sadly both Terry and Paul Browning are no longer with us.

Terry Flatt always professional always very quick