Shell Moves Forward by Looking Back


Over the weekend of the Goodwood Revival in West Sussex, Shell brought a new range of motor oils to the market place using a brand synonymous with 50s and 60s motoring and motorsport, the Classic X100. A 20w/50 plus an SAE 30 will now be available for the classic owner and I took the chance to find out more from David Holden, MD of Woad Corner the official licensee of Shell Brands and the man charged with spreading the word that this product was actually making a return. Last available in the 1970s this lubricant was certainly the most successful of its day on the track and thus was endorsed by John Surtees then and still is today. Whilst winning his Formula one title with Ferrari in 1964 Surtees relied on Shell lubricants and Scuderia Ferrari had enjoyed a long association and technical partnership with it supplier from its founding in 1929.



Shell Classic X100 SAE 30 oil


An ideal choice for any classic and vintage application requiring an SAE 30 oil as well as lightly loaded diesel engines. The low level of detergent and dispersant makes Shell X-100 Classic SAE 30 an ideal choice for 1960s/70s VW air-cooled engines (without full flow filters).



Shell Classic X100 20w/50 oil


Recommended for use in veteran, classic and vintage cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and tractors where engine designs prohibit the use of modern, low viscosity engine oils with low levels of anti-wear additives. Shell X-100 20W-50 is formulated with the optimum levels of detergent & dispersant to ensure suspended matter collects harmlessly in the engine's oil sump.


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I already have and my Morris Minor (Daisy) is now enjoying some quality lubrication, only the best for my classic.